Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Greg Howe once stated, "If musicians are athletes, the session cats are the Olympic hopefuls." -Greg Howe

"Mention the name Greg Howe to an aficionado of contemporary electric guitar music and aural visions of smooth legato runs, wah-laden solos and funky, syncopated rhythms will run through his or her head." -Modern Guitars Magazine

"If musicians were athletes, they probably wouldn't be very good at sports." -Tom Henry

"They should have realized they weren't athletes when they were getting their asses kicked by athletes." -Tom Henry

"Listen musicians, if you want to stay home and put on your Ella Fitzgerald record, and scour your fret board for the sweetest sounding riffs, that's your own business, but stay out of my local ice rink/badminton court." -Tom Henry

Q: What's your issue with the nation's musicians?

A: Don't you get it?! they want all our fastest women and smoothest times. I just couldn't stand by any longer, call me a patriot.

Q: Have you ever took part in music?

A: Up live, or on my stereo?

Q: Either.

A: Of course not, I don't even own a stereo.

Q: And not up live?

A: Did you go to school for this? I'm finding you amateurish.

Q: I just wanted you to clarify.

A: Next question please.

Q: Do you have any message for Greg Howe?

A: Hey Howe, can it. You don't know what you're talking about.

Q: Anything else?

A: Yeah, next time you want a crescendo, I'll give you a lesson on relative loudness, using my index and middle fingers and your eyeballs.

-Tom Henry as interviewed by Modern Guitars Magazine, 2008.

Greg Howe

Tom Henry

-Photos by Greg Howe and Tom Henry's moms, respectively.


twiggy said...


i thought you were gonna come in on the 6, but you came in on the 8!!!

new ground of funny my man. you are straight killing it.

hazey said...

your blogs have started to show up in the journal...totally addicted and with good reason!

Sugarduk said...

This blog is the bees knees, the cat's ass and the musician's licks. Keep this addiction alive!

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