Friday, November 7, 2008

The Confusing Beach Towel

A picture I made (drew)

*For pricing inquiries think of the highest number in your head.


Sugarduk said...

I was going to reference Bobby Fisher but I think Fisher was confused by way more than beach towels. So in true name dropping style I'll reference Emanuel Lasker. While Lasker was trying to capture the terry cloth King you captured him perfectly, baked and confused on some beach in Berlin.

twiggy said...

yo, pretty sure that shit was drawn on MY BEACH. when is big ST gon get some props up in here???

-big ST.

Anonymous said...

The Confused Beachtowel:

Wheat Cobeel
The ACA Bowl
a.c. the elbow
teach bowel
elbow cheat
Beatle “C” ? Who?
We ache. Blot.
O, chew table!
Able to chew?
Lob a wee chat.

marie said...

blow the ace
ace the blow

tom henry said...

I don't get it.

Vargas said...

Me neither. The confusion is running amok here. Less acronyms, more blogs posts about confusion and chess and Penny Bright.