Thursday, December 3, 2009

Apartment 28

I got this message on myspace today -

"Hey, it's Jeff Torin! I just started a new band with Jay Iorio called "Apartment 28". Check us out and let me know what you think."

I wrote Jeff Torin back as was his want.

editorial note: I know sarcasm's pretty easy stuff, but sometimes it's just there, please forgive me.

Dear Jeff Torin,

It's Tom Henry!

When I checked my myspace today for no reason at all I was pleased to receive your message. It's not every day I get an ambitious young upstart asking me to check out their band. Oh wait, it is, it is every day. Regardless, I think 'Apartment 28' shows great promise.

First off, really fun name. Is that like the number of an apartment of someone in your band, or was that just some total off the top of your head kinda thing? Actually what would be really cool would be if it were a reference from some sort of movie or tv show that you're a fan of. Any of those origins would be pretty cool, and great interview fodder for dare I say, MTV? The name conjurs up some great images, like a living space of some sort that is probably on the second floor of a building.

What is especially unique and exciting about this project is that you've teamed up with Jay Iorio, a man who I don't personally know, but aslo don't know at all. That said, I have a preeeetty good feeling about him, I knew a guy named Jay once and he was certainly approaching almost being worth conversing with.

I haven't had a chance to 'check out' your music yet, but I look forward to it. Are there guitars in it? Golly, I hope so. I have the utmost confidence that despite the valliant yet utterly dissapointing efforts made by all of the bands who have ever randomly solicited me to listen to their music, Apartment 28 will make it all worth while.

It's really too bad that I have no connections at any of those big record labels, I would be sure to put you in contact with them. Sometimes it just makes me really mad that my uncle isn't a big deal, so I could help good intentioned folks like yourself out. You should keep trying though, and probably you will be discovered by a very rich and powerful man, in fact I'm almost certain of it! Please, promise not to forget about me when your song is played for a second in a season of Grey's Anatomy that ratings are down for, but still not bad.

Brimming with anticipation,

Tom Henry

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, hi.

Hi guys,
I'm telling jokish type things at The Ossington tonight (Wenesday). If I don't know you personally you should come out to it, or if you're an acquaintance that I don't care very much about.

If you asked for a letter, it's coming. I'm really slow, I apologize. It'll be a great letter though, keep waiting by your door. If you want one and you haven't asked, I can add you to my list of things I'm neglecting, right between adulthood and getting a Kierkegaard book to pretend to read on the subway.

Writing up soon soon. Here's a picture I drew of D.B. Cooper, look him up maybe.

tom d