Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, hi.

Hi guys,
I'm telling jokish type things at The Ossington tonight (Wenesday). If I don't know you personally you should come out to it, or if you're an acquaintance that I don't care very much about.

If you asked for a letter, it's coming. I'm really slow, I apologize. It'll be a great letter though, keep waiting by your door. If you want one and you haven't asked, I can add you to my list of things I'm neglecting, right between adulthood and getting a Kierkegaard book to pretend to read on the subway.

Writing up soon soon. Here's a picture I drew of D.B. Cooper, look him up maybe.

tom d


twiggy said...

more drawings please...

also, what about a deer drawing for your banner??

also, you keep getting better, by the way.

lastly, i wish i was coming out tonight...

Vargas said...

DB Cooper is really JD Salinger. Excellent drawing of DB/JD,TH.

tom henry said...

I really like the drawing for the banner idea, gonna work on it.
I saw a link on the internet for all these Salinger stories that were in magazines and publications but never allowed to be published in book form, so there's that too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and maybe draw a pic of Salinger cuz he doesn't look like Cooper - except when he was wearing his Cooper disguise which he did often, like to go shopping and biking and hijacking and stuff.