Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hubble Images

-Images taken from the Hubble telescope.

Kelsey Grammer was initially understood as a nova eruption. The reason for the outburst has not been understood yet, but several theories have already been defined, such as an eruption related to stellar death processes and a merger of a binary star or planets. This image is in my list of top ten Hubble images of all time because it is so beautiful. It is simply an awesome picture.

"Kelsey Grammer ditches beard for new Frasier show" -The News

Q: I see you've ditched your beard for your new Frasier spin off.

A: I hadn't really thought of that.

Q: If you transform into a black hole, what will be the physical properties of our death?

A: I'm not quite sure of the specifics, it may very well be painless, I'm not sure if it even will count as death.

Q: Who are you voting for?

A: I wish I could vote for my old bartender on Cheers, Sam Malone, portrayed by Ted Danson.

Watch Frasier Tuesdays.

-TV Guide

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Anonymous said...

you're alright

Sugarduk said...

That is the real dope on Kelsey. And that is an awesome picture Mr Hubble took of him. But riddle me this, Batman, is it wrong to laugh so hard when someone falls off a stage and may even have broken a rib? (I may actually have broken a rib laughing.)

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