Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have a twelve year old brother and a twenty-seven year old sister, I've been trying to write something that would appeal to them both, and I think I finally got it. Here it goes.

Don't you hate it when your video game overheats when you're about to use it in a performance art?

Men with beards are scary, but also sexy.

Paying rent and chocolate bars are alot the same; they both make your stomach hurt a little but provide you with great self satisfaction. Am I right?

Bad action films are awesome and also ironically awesome.

Dinner parties with friends is one of the best ways to spend your time, and by dinner parties I could mean eating boiled hot dogs and drinking milk.

Life is hard, it can crush your spirit, Adam Sandler is funny.

Steven Spielberg


Anonymous said...

Amen tom henry, amen. You are the most talented writer(of your genre) in the universe.i am proud to call myself your pal/cottage companion for life.


Vargas said...

E.T = Extraordinary Tom

ANT said...


twiggy said...

back in the saddle...

my man.

Jennifer said...

guess what I'm cookin next time you come over for dinner... how long do you safely have to boil hotdogs? or do you fry them ?? please advice.

tom henry said...

I think we can forgo the timely cooking process all together - just open the package right on to our plates.

Petunia Crabapple said...

Tom Henry, you are so darn funny. I've been secretly reading your blog posts for some time now and I might even say that you are brilliantly funny, in fact, okay you are brilliantly funny, but look, there's no freakin' way I'm admitting that to your face, Dude. Know what I'm sayin'? So, like if I happen to be over at your place feeding your cats and you see me there, or like, if you see me out walking on the sidewalk on my way to the laundromat - well, don't be expecting any big compliments, like, "Hey Tom, you make me laugh out loud", cause it's just not going to happen, understand? Write on, man.