Monday, January 12, 2009

Sombre Reptiles

I often go and admire my friend Danielle Nemet's photos over at Sombre Reptiles.  And so to show those poets they're not so special, I've put together a series of poems to go along with some of Danielle's photos. tomdhenry/Sombre Reptiles mash up!

I was looking at some birds
When I became afire
All I really wanted to do
Was stand and bird admire

The fire it turns out
Was not what I had thought
T'was a sweet guitar riff
But I'm still a little hot

I sing songs to girls all day
I wish they all could look at me this way
They usually just turn to me an say "I don't like music."
Which seems unlikely

The trees are mourning us
They think we're all dead
What they don't know is
We go up the chimney and overhead

If our families saw us like this
They might flip, see
They'd need a few extra hugs
From the hippy

If you wanted one of these two haircuts
You're outta luck - we're closed.
If you want the one in the middle though
Just put a sheet over your head

Sing me a song red man
And it better be good
Because I'm racist against the red
And I'm not referring to the slur about Native Americans
I really like them
I mean people who stand in red lights
I guess what I'm trying to say is
My girlfriend dumped me in a darkroom

It's so late
My lamp wont stay up straight

My pillow is too vertical against the wall
I had to put my magazine down
Just to get a way from it all
And on top of that all
It takes so long
Just to make a phone call.

I remember the days
When we always saw in double
We were too in love
That was the trouble
It looks like we had cool hair
And wore overalls
But I can't really tell
Because I can't remember that particular day

My songs are so wussy
So high and so light
They say it's my own fault
For sitting too far right


twiggy said...

i'm fairly certain that you are a genius at this point.

ANT said...



Jennifer said...

oh Tom Henry I just knew there was a poet lurking in there what with those infamous longlashes and all.

d.n. said...

Hah! Loved it! and it DOES take me too long to make a phone call. good eye!

Seth said...

this is amazing.

twiggy said...

danielle, you're sooo hot right now.

sombreps said...

tell me about it, slim.
bloggers getting blogged about; this is the highlife. [a press conference is scheduled for tomorrow evening so come prepared]

and tom, the haircut one really made me chuckle. almost too much. i also enjoy how the last one is sort of making fun of jesse.

Vargas said...

"It's a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. And it isn't education. It's history. It's poetry." ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye.

If Salinger hadn't turned 90 this past week I would think you were him. Genius-wise. (You're not him with a facelift are you?)

Jennifer said...

seems things are heating up since you caught the poetry bug!!!!and ya the Jesse one is pretty funny he's not wussy on the drums and guitar tho. just sayin.

tom henry said...

For the record, I was referring only to his location in relation to the piano. However, any extra laughs had at the expense of poor Jesse, I will take.

Furthermore, in the hopes of eschewing any similar misinterpretations, I find Anthony to be a handsome young man and doubt he has any trouble with females, but if you do want to laugh at him personally, again, chalk that up to my cunning wit please.

Sugarduk said...

I have a sheet over my head.

Georgia said...