Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I recently was interviewed by Annie Liebowitz. Here it is ---

The first time I met Tom Henry, I was at one of Bridget Fonda's famous red rover parties. Tom opted not to play, instead he sat in the corner waxing poetic with the catering, his eyes fiery and nostrils flaring he acted out his fondest memories of an episode of Frasier he had recently caught. Once I had worked up the courage to talk to him, he had left. Fonda (Bridget) would later tell me of her first meeting with Tom Henry. They were introduced by a mutual friend in a park.
Seven years later I approached him about doing a series of interviews, he agreed to one, this is that one.

Annie Liebowitz: I'm a great fan of yours.

Tom Henry: And yours, I am of you. You take beautiful pictures.

AL: What do you think is the difference between what I do and what you do?

TH: Nothing, there's no difference.

AL: Care to elaborate?

TH The words are escaping me right now.

AL: Is that a play on words?

TH: I suppose it's a personification of some sort.

AL: When was your last haircut?

TH: As a visual person, you know the importance of a fresh lid switch. About three or four months ago.

AL: I thought you said it was important?

TH: It's equally important in absence.

AL: You used to garden as a job, what's your favourite gardening tool?

TH: Rake.

AL: Haha!

TH: No Annie, that's not just a joke. Rakes have a beauty to them because they remove the unwanted without too much harming the wanted, and I think that's what I do in a lot of ways.

AL: That's true isn't it?

TH: Yes.

AL: What inspires you?

TH: Inspiration itself is inspiring.

AL: What else?

TH: My kids when they wake up in the morning.

AL: I didn't know you had children.

TH: Well, they're adopted.

AL: So, not really.

TH: Right.

AL: What's the last movie you truly appreciated?

TH: Do you mean film?

AL: Yes.

TH: Have you seen the Cheers film?

AL: No, I've never heard of it.

TH: It's a cult classic

AL: Wh...

TH: At least in my cult, we really enjoy it.

AL: Will you ever consider posing for me?

TH: If you use digital, I won't, also if you use film, I won't.

AL: Is that a no?

TH: Don't try and draw me and call it a photo.

AL: Tom Henry, thanks for your time.

TH: In buddhism, there are no goodbyes, but I'm not buddhist, how 'bout a hug.


by Annie Liebowitz 2008


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Speechless funny. "And yours, I am of you." Much too profoundly hilarious. Def hitting a stride here.

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So good!