Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Guy Named Marlon

This is my first, and probably last, blog by request. A young man, Marlon Arscott, last night sheepishly asked me if I would gain him some exposure by writing a blog about him. My first instinct was to say no, but I just couldn't let the little guy down. His only stipulation was that it not be a negative piece, needless to say, I suffered my first ever bout of writers block. (Ziiiing) Later, I would discuss the environment with two blonde friends.

   Marlon and I both grew up in the mean streets of the Bain Projects. We both still reside there in order to 'keep it real' and to enjoy the gardens. Marlon being a few years older than I, was a member of the notorious 'Bain Boys' (or as I knew them, 'the teenagers') who congregated on the rough and tumble corner of Bain and Logan (East Central) The Bain Boys would smoke, drink, eat chips, you name it.
   Later, the Bain Boys would disband and Marlon would get glasses. One day my sister informed me that she had worked with him (selling diapers, I assume) and he was a cool guy.* I said; "What, that gang banger?" But, apparently, the glasses had changed him, Marlon now enjoyed music, film and had learnt to laugh. Marlon never talks about those dark days anymore, and no one dare ask. He now belongs to Toronto's blooming improv comedy scene, if you see him around, ask him to pretend to be an animal of some sort.

*My sister also thinks Brendan Fraser is cool.

Here are a few other things I know about Marlon:

He likes polka dots.

His favourite movies are Wall-E, and this film that's like City of God, only better.

He's been to Vancouver, Paris and Barcelona.

He has some attractive friends.

He enjoys television, and sometimes sells air conditioners.

I imagine he's ok at dancing.

He doesn't like to smoke cigars, if he's got to kiss girls later.

That's about it, If anyone wants Marlon's phone number, I don't have it, but I could probably get it for you.

Marlon and the ever intimidating Bain Boys, Marlon is the one with someones arm around him.

Marlon (top left) with his improv troupe. So many funny faces at once.

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Sugarduk said...

A rousing homage to Marlon - bad boy, improv maniac, private dancer. Insightful and funny - like the man himself. T Bone tells it like it is, outdoing himself again and again.