Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some Updates


I've been doing some thinking about this blog, and if anyone reads it, I'll let you in on my thinking. I don't think this post is going to be funny.


I'd like to post more often. I'm thinking of a way to do that, but you know that Peter, Bjorn and John album, Writer's Block? Yeah, you get the point. Anyway, get off my back, you think it's easy to be blessed with my signature dumbish intellect? So maybe in between the longer things, I'll post shorter things, and inbetween the shorter things I'll post really dumb things. I also perform lively in Toronto from time to time, so maybe I'll let you know about those.


I'm kind of obsessed with letters, and I'd like to send short, personalized letters to anyone who sends me a mailing address. That would be great fun I think. I'm not expecting to get many requests, but if you think it would be too neat, email me at, maybe we can make it a thing!


If you exist, and ever read this ol' pile of hay, thankyou. I've existed here for more than a year now. Any feedback about these ideas or any old thing is welcome.



I have rabies. Whoops, I mean, hey babies.

tom (d) henry


Marina said...

im still here, reading. you are golden.

love, #1 fan

twiggy said...

here here....

whats the deal with these personalized emails...

like i send you a question or something?

or you send me something funny? or like right something based on my email address??, just so ya know.


Jennifer said...

the letters sounds like a great idea! and ya just more of everything.

Anonymous said...

more recipes !

Vargas said...

Write a letter to The Brick in My Head, better still make it a book. I'm serious.

Then, or simultaneously, write more one sentence movie reviews and shoot more videos.

Compile your letters and publish a book of them along with more drawings and celebrity portraits.

Write a screenplay titled Mot: a thinly disguised autobiopic kinda thing, all topsy turvy.

Seriously enjoy your blog. Happy 1st Anniversary.

Noah said...

She's late... Chill!