Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pulp Fiction Redux

I was reading my Pulp fiction screenplay (as I do) when I realized that it was missing one thing - me. So I rewrote the entire film with Tom Henry as an intricate character weaving in and out of each storyline . This; however, proved a challenge as out of respect for QT (Quentin Tarantino) I have not touched or added a single line of dialogue or direction for the other characters. I think it turned out great and am keeping my fingers crossed that Quentin will reshoot, despite the evident  bloating of John Travolta. 
If anyone reading, for some reason, doesn't know me and is having trouble picturing this, you can buy me lunch to better understand this scene. If anyone hasn't seen Pulp Fiction, I will give you my copy in exchange for lunch.
So, this is the scene where a troubled Vincent takes an overdosing Mia to drug dealer Lance's house, much to the chagrin of Lance and his quarrelsome life-mate Jody. 

This one's for me mum, the screenwriter, happy birfday.


WE START in Lance's and Jody's bedroom.

Jody, in bed, throws off the covers and stands up. She's wearing a long tee-shirt with a picture of Fred Flintstone on it.

We follow HANDHELD behind her as she opens the door, walking through the hall into the living room.

It's only one-thirty in the goddamn
mornin'! What the fuck's goin' on
out here?

As she walks in the living room, she sees Vincent and Lance standing over Mia, who's lying on the floor in the middle of the room.

From here on in, everything in this scene is frantic, like a
DOCUMENTARY in an emergency ward, with the big difference here being nobody knows what the fuck they're doing.

Who's she?

Lance looks up at Jody.

Get that black box in the bedroom I
have with the adrenalin shot.

What's wrong with her?

She's O.D.ing on us.

Well get her the hell outta here!

(in stereo)
Get the fuckin' shot!

Don't yell at me!

She angrily turns and disappears into the bedroom looking for the shot. Just then Tom Henry walks through the door, he is GENTLEMANLY and has great EYELASHES. The camera becomes strangely attracted to him. 

Woah, what's her problem? I bought 
one of those frozen macaronis, can 
someone preheat the oven?!

(to Lance)
You two are a match made in heaven.

Oh nice wisecrack Vincent. I see 
you're still sporting a ponytail, 
that's cool.

Look, just keep talkin' to her,
okay? While she's gettin' the
shot, I gotta get a medical book.

What do you need a medical book

To tell me how to do it. I've
never given an adrenalin shot

You've had that thing for six years
and you never used it?

Yo Vince, maybe if you weren't always 
joy-poppin' with bubble gummers, this 
wouldn't have happened.

I never had to use it. I don't go
joy-poppin' with bubble-gummers,
all of my friends can handle their

Exactly what I said.

Well then get it.

I am, if you'll let me.

I'm not fuckin' stoppin' you.

Stop talkin' to me, and start
talkin' to her.

Look, while you guys are bickering, 
I'll talk to her ok?

Tom turns to Mia, she is in pretty rough shape. He begins to speak gently.

Hey darlin', not feelin' so hot are 
we? Have you guys tried like giving 
her some water yet? Cammomile?

WE FOLLOW Lance as he runs out of the living room into a...

29. SPARE ROOM 29.
with a bunch of junk in it. He frantically starts scanning
the junk for the book he's looking for, repeating the words,
"Come on," endlessly.

From OFF SCREEN we hear:

Hurry up man! We're losin' her!

(calling back)
I'm looking as fast as I can!

Tom enters the room. Lance continues his frenzied search.

Hey look, Lancelot, I came by cause 
I felt real shitty about earlier, I 
didn't mean you weren't a good singer 
ever, I just was trying to watch a TV
 show. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled.

WE HEAR Jody in the living room now as she talks to Vincent.

What's he lookin' for?

I dunno, some medical book.

Jody calls to Lance.

What are you lookin' for?

My black medical book!

Snoopy much? Anyway, listen, I think 
you're a pretty good singer, and if 
you wanna continue down that path 
I'll support you. Just not during 
Friends right?!

Tom gives Lance a few playful punches. 

As he continues searching, flipping and knocking over shit, Jody appears in the doorway.

What are you looking for?

Kinda in the middle of something here 
Jode. You already asked that twice anyway. 

My black fuckin' medical book.
It's like a text book they give to

I never saw a medical book.

Yeah, obviously Jody, most of us don't 
just see medical books around.

Trust me, I have one.

Well if it's that important, why
didn't you keep it with the shot?

Lance spins toward her.

I don't know! Stop bothering me!

While you're lookin' for it, that
girl's gonna die on our carpet.
You're never gonna find it in all
this shit. For six months now,
I've been telling you to clean this
room --

Jody, I know you're upset, because I
returned Turner and Hooch before you
could watch it, but I wish you wouldn't
take it out on Lance.

-- get your ass in here, fuck the

Lance angrily knocks over a pile of shit and leaves the SHOT heading for the living room. Tom begins to stack the pile of shit back up.

You should watch it sometime though,
it's really good.

Vincent is bent over Mia, talking softly to her, when Lance reenters the room.

Quit fuckin' around man and give
her the shot!

Lance bends down by the black case brought in by Jody. He opens it and begins preparing the needle for injection. Tom reenters the room.

So look, I bought this macaroni, you 
know, sorta like a peace offering.

While I'm doing this, take her
shirt off and find her heart.

Vince rips her blouse open.

Jody stumbles back in the room, hanging back from the action.

It's got four kinds of cheese, and 
I don't even mind making it but I 
can never figure out your oven and...

Does it have to be exact?

Yeah, it has to be exact! I'm
giving her an injection in the
heart, so I gotta exactly hit her
in the heart.

That sounds like a song, eh Lance? I 
gotta exactly hit her in the heart 
by Sir Lancelot the man! 

Well, I don't know exactly where
her heart is, I think it's here.

Vince points to Mia's right breast. Lance glances over and nods.

That's it.

Yeah, that's it.

As Lance readies the injection, Vincent looks up at Jody.

Don't look at her like that man.

I need a big fat magic marker, got


I need a big fat magic marker, any
felt pen'll do, but a magic marker
would be great.

Hold on.

Jody runs to the desk, opens the top drawer and, in her enthusiasm, she pulls the drawer out of the desk, the contents of which (bills, papers, pens) spill to the floor.

The injection is ready. Lance hands Vincent the needle.

It's ready, I'll tell you what to

You're gonna give her the shot.

No, you're gonna give her the shot.

I'll do it.

I've never done this before.

I've never done this before either,
and I ain't starting now. You
brought 'er here, that means you
give her the shot. The day I bring
an O.D.ing bitch to your place,
then I gotta give her the shot.

Jeez, I said I'd do it. Fine whatever.

Jody hurriedly joins them in the huddle, a big fat red magic marker in her hand.

Got it.

Vincent grabs the magic marker out of Jody's hand and makes a big red dot in Mia's body where her heart is.

Okay, what do I do?

Well, you're giving her an
injection of adrenalin straight to
her heart. But she's got a breast
plate in front of her heart, so you
gotta pierce through that. So what
you gotta do is bring the needle
down in a stabbing motion.

Lance demonstrates a stabbing motion, which looks like "The Shape" killing its victims in "HALLOWEEN."

Hey Lance you looked kind of 
like "the shape" killing it's 
victims in Halloween.

I gotta stab her?

Yeah, stab her. What's the big 

If you want the needle to pierce
through to her heart, you gotta
stab her hard. Then once you do,
push down on the plunger.

What happens after that?

I'm curious about that myself.

This ain't a fuckin' joke man!

She's supposed to come out of it
like --
(snaps his fingers)
-- that.

Vincent lifts the needle up above his head in a stabbing motion. He looks down on Mia.

Mia is fading fast. Soon nothing will help her.

Vincent's eyes narrow, ready to do this.

Shouldn't be a problem.

Count to three.

Lance, on his knees right beside Vincent, does not know what to expect.


RED DOT on Mia's body.

Needle raised ready to strike.


Jody's face is alive with anticipation. Tom's face is bored, he fixes his hair in the mirror.

NEEDLE in the air, poised like a rattler ready to strike.


The needle leaves frame, THRUSTING down hard.

Vincent brings the needle down hard, STABBING Mia in the chest.

Mia's head is JOLTED from the impact.

The syringe plunger is pushed down, PUMPING the adrenalin out through the needle.

Mia's eyes POP WIDE OPEN and she lets out a HELLISH cry of the banshee. She BOLTS UP in a sitting position, needle stuck in her chest -- SCREAMING.

Vincent, Lance and Jody, who were in sitting positions in front of Mia, JUMP BACK, scared to death.

Mia's scream runs out. She slowly starts taking breaths of air.

Uhh, ever heard of neighbours?

The other three, now scooted halfway across the room, shaken to their bones, look to see if she's alright.

If you're okay, say something.

Mia, still breathing, not looking up at them, says in a relatively normal voice.


Tom laughs.

I love that. That's like when someone's 
pouring me a drink and they say, say 
when, so I say the actual word "when" 
instead of like now or that's enough.

Vincent and Lance collapse on their backs, exhausted and shaking from how close to death Mia came.

Anybody want a beer?

Yeah, that'd be cool.


sombre reptiles said...

this scene would go very well with a comb-over. have you been working on it? i hope so. anyway, hilariouz as usual, T.H.

nmce said...

love that! keep that!

Vargas said...

First off may I say this is the funniest blog ever? Like ever?

A stellar bday gift, better'n a bottle of Glen Fiddich, and guaranteed to make the recipient happier, giddier, and more rolling-on-the-floor-with-laughter-er.

QT get on the QT and shoot this redux; superior to the first, it features the element the original lacked, namely TH wandering through scenes, fixing his hair and heating frozen food.

Screenrewriting good enough to make a parental unit proud. I think this is exactly what McKee means when he suggests you write your scene ten different ways then choose the best one. This is the best one.

Fave part is where Tom offers to stab Mia. Also "four cheeses" and several other parts, that is, all the parts with the new character.

In years to come families and friends will gather round the set to view Pulpier Fiction. Whenever Tom walks on they'll through mac n cheese at the screen. And beer. Sure signs of a classic.

Vargas said...

Glenn Ford, Glenn Miller, Glenn Close, Glenfiddich - go figure.

Throw not through

Jennifer said...

glad you mentioned your eyelashes but be forewarned the film fan Tom Henry fan in me now wants you to wander thru Hitchcock's Vertigo or put in an appearance in Raging Bull...the list is long as you are so very adept at fitting in!!!Laughed loud and lots over this one.Very Clever.

Big Handsome Dave said...

Dear Mr Henry
With you on board, it would have been a shoe in for Best Picture and I'm thinking Best Supporting Actor.
Please revisit Forrest Gump, you could easy my deep pain sir.
Happy Holidays