Saturday, January 2, 2010


Uggh. I'ts 2010, the year to put all the apostrophe's in the wrong spot's.

That was George Orwell's real distopic vision, that guy loved grammar.

So, it seems I've unintentionally taken a month off. My brain feels small and shrivelled, and pouring alot of water in my ear isn't helping. Here are the most funny things I've thought of in the last month -

George W. Bush - That guy was not good.

Dr. Phil - Not even a real doctor.

MC Hammer - It's Hammer time I guess.

If you know any ways to cure brain fog, lemme know. Maybe I need to take up coffee, even though I don't like hot drinks.

Woah, this is getting way too personal. I'll write something tres (very) soon. Something that will make all the Hollywood agents knock at my door and tell me everything's gonna be alright. The decade in review? I dunno, what happened this decade, the ipod?" I guess it's better than the decade where they invented the tripod.

Also, I'm saying jokes at Laugh Sabbath's Let's Get Hot! tomorrow, my favourite show as a fan of live comedy.

Don't leave me because of the month off, I'm too nice of a guy.



twiggy said...

tripod is a hit!! you should've texted me that one.

Jennifer said...

ya spruced up yr room, nice!!

Vargas said...

This post is tres fantastique.

stranger#3 said...

I miss the deer but expect to find plenty of "Dear..." right here among the outstanding new design elements. As for brain fog, maybe try pouring the coffee in your ear...or no, that would only give you super-charged hearing I guess. Your fog produces much super comedy anyway so probably just keep it?

tom henry said...

Stranger #3,

I have the sneaking suspicion that all comments that are unidentified are my mom.
Nonetheless, I'd like to commend you on your ingenuity as the # sign is the same key as the 3, thus minimizing your required finger movement.

I miss my deer too, I'm working on working it back in. I'm also working on making the list of least interesting things you've ever heard I'm working on.

thanks for the kind words (mom).


catharine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

ha I missed the deer too but I didn't want to mention it ... hope it wanders onto yr page.

catharine said...

Having deleted my comment, I'll try again.
I am a Mom, but not yours. I think you should be allowed a month off once a year, but no more.
I'm thinking, "How come the tripod came before the ipod?" and I'm still thinking.

tom henry said...

Dear diary,
Self Deprecation has backfired, stranger #3 was a real stranger, a mom, but not the mom.
Need to focus on more mom jokes, to adapt to changing demographic. The only thing moms like is scented candles right?
Also, get life in order, move laundry from bed to floor.

Sugarduk said...

I'm looking forward to the list of the least interesting things that we've ever heard you're working on.
(O this candle smells sooo good.)

stranger#3 said...

I remain a stranger, not the mom Catharine, not the mom, just a complete stranger...who doesn't like scented candles but likes this blog.

Slorrin said...

how do you have so many readers? I have no readers.