Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Dumbest News Story

I just found the dumbest news story in the New York Times, it's so badly written and dumb.

Tobey Mcguire upset after being called "cat man"

"Then they called me the cat man", explains the Spiderman star, "I was eating dinner and eventually they called me the cat man." explains the frusterated Cider House Rules star, "I was eating cat food." explains Tobey Mcguire, "I wanted to make a joke back at them, like a comeback." explains the Kirsten Dunst love interest in Spiderman. "I thought of saying like, Well the cat man do... and then I couldn't really come up with an ending, or a point." explains the actor.

When asked for opinions the town that Tobey was in were split. Ernie from the corner store says Tobey bought some candy, so Ernie was calling him the candy man; "I like that name better, got more of a ring to it. If the boy wants to eat cat food, so be it, then someone just give him some candy. "If I had that kind of money, I'm more of a pork chop, if you see Tobey tell him to try a pork chop, and then a candy." Says Ernie, "Woops, did I say I'm a pork chop? I meant to say I'm a pork chop man."

-by Jonathan Ernst Helm, NY Times, June 4, 2009


Anonymous said...

Woops, did I say I'm a pork chop? Pork chop is funny, really funny. And...dumb.

Sugarduk said...

I am dumbfounded, meaning I have found new levels of dumbness in this story. Laughable. Really laughable. That is, when I get over being dumbfounded I find I've found new levels of humour in this story. I find this story to be funnyfounding and possibly groundbreaking.

Anonymous said...

WHAT has happened to the NY Times? Tsk tsk.

Dave said...

The newspaper is dying!