Sunday, January 8, 2012


He swims, I hang on
my saviour in this great flood
pony-tailed man

Do they open more?
I want to gaze into them
Renee Zellweger

White people with dreads,
finding whole circles of friends
who somehow like them

Only have one left
my old one's under the desk
how bad you want gum?

A rainbow is red
a rainbow is orange, green
and other colours

Four months, can't sleep, eat.
Each day melts into the next
come back Entourage

Jose? Is that you?
No, I'm Jose, not Jose.
The j sounds like h

Heath Ledger, Dark Knight!
Thank you for this award, but-
it's useless to me


Jennifer said...

hip hip hurray !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


Vargas said...

To paraphrase Old Blue Eyes: this is absolutely "haikuku." Also genius.